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14 Aug 2017

This circular seeks to inform Training Partners (TPs) on the changes to the Continuous Improvement Review (CIR) requirements.

2. In the current CIR requirements, section 3 covers the Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level training evaluation outcomes which includes L1, L2, L3 and L4. In each of the outcome evaluation, TPs are required to administer their own survey to collect data, analyse the obtained data and perform follow up action on analysed data.

3. With the introduction of the Training Quality and Outcome Measurement (TRAQOM) initiative in April 2017, standardised questionnaires have been sent to trainees on behalf under the TRAQOM initiative. The TRAQOM surveys will replace the TPs’ own survey instruments under the CIR requirements 3.1 and 3.3. Training partners who are currently on board the TRAQOM pilot phase may cease administration of own surveys under CIR requirements 3.1 and 3.3 while all other TPs are to continue with the existing administration of own surveys until SSG’s notification to participate in the TRAQOM initiative by early 2018. TPs are to note that the analysis on obtained data and performance of follow up action on analysed data are still required.

4. For CIR desktop audits conducted from 1 September 2017 onwards, the following changes to the CIR requirements section 3 will apply.
a) CIR requirement 3.3 (L3 outcome - survey on candidate) will be audited only on public ATOs delivering full qualifications.
b) CIR requirement 3.3 (L3 outcome - survey on employer) will be removed.
c) CIR requirement 3.4 (L4 outcome) will be removed.
The new CIR requirements under section 3 covering the Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level training evaluation outcomes would only include L1 (for all TPs), L2 (for all TPs) and L3 (survey on candidate – only applicable to public ATOs delivering full qualification).

5. Training partners are required to update their SOPs promptly to reflect the above changes.

6. The revised CIR Guide and the revised CIR Self-Assessment Checklist can be found in our attached Annex . For other queries, please refer to
www.skillsfuture.sg/trainingproviders/help. Alternatively, you may also contact us at 6785 5785.

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