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[SSG CIRCULAR/PPD/2020/4]: Advisory on Gradual Resumption of In-Person Continuing Education and Training (CET) Activities under Phase 2
Revised Organisation Registration requirements for Training Providers


30 Dec 2019

Dear Training Partners,

 This circular seeks to inform Training Providers (TPs) of the following changes with effect from 1 January 2020:
• Revision to Funding Support Period for new Non-WSQ course applications; and
• Revision to Course Approval and Renewal Processes for Non-certifiable courses

Revisions to Funding Support Period for new Non-WSQ course applications
2. For new Non-WSQ course applications, funding support will be accorded from the course approval date instead of the current course application date. This will avail TPs the full funding period upon approval to market and deliver their courses.
Non-WSQ Courses
Current Process Funding is accorded from the date of submission of course application
Revised Process from 1 January 2020) Funding is accorded from the date of approval of course funding

Revisions to Course Approval and Renewal Processes for Non-certifiable Courses
3. SSG accords funding support to Non-certifiable Courses that are targeted at employer sponsored training, leading to employment, job development or job upgrading. To better align with SSG funding objectives and ensure industry relevance of SSG funded courses, SSG will implement the following requirements for new course approval and renewal of existing courses.

a) Course Approval:

i) Furnish proof of upcoming corporate signups from at least 3 different applicant companies and submit declaration that learners are legitimate employees of applicant companies;

ii) Demonstrate relevance of proposed training for employment, job development or job upgrading purposes.

b) Course Renewal:

i) Renewal of funding support for courses with Training Grant (TG) applications within the past one year;

ii) Funding for courses without TG applications will lapse when the funding support expires. SSG will not accept proof of future corporate signups for course renewal  if there were no TG applications made during the funding period.

4. For enquiries, you may refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) attached under Annex A.

5.  Should you require any clarification, please contact us at 6785 5785 or our feedback portal at

6. Thank you.

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