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Further Information on Additional Measures to Ensure Social Distancing for CET in Response to COVID-19 and the Conduct of E-learning Courses

14 Apr 2020

Dear Training Providers (“TPs”)

We refer to SSG’s circular issued on 7 April 2020 on “Details on additional measures to ensure social distancing for CET in response to COVID-19”. We would like to provide further information and clarifications. This is for strict compliance by all CET providers. 

Clarifications on conduct of in-person training for exceptional cases 

2.    TPs that wish to conduct in-person training are only allowed to do so for the specific training courses and/or assessments that have been approved by SSG. This includes cases where TPs have already been exempted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) for CET delivery and/or other business functions. There are cases where TPs, as business entities, have been approved by MTI to continue operating for their other business functions. This does not extend to CET delivery, if these have not been approved by SSG.

3.    TPs must not deploy more manpower at the training premises beyond what was approved by SSG. These additional directions from SSG supplement the approval granted by the MTI for the application of Exemption from Suspension of Business Activities submitted via the GoBusiness website.

4.    To facilitate approval, TPs are advised to state, in the application for exemption via the GoBusiness website, the specific training courses and/or assessments which cannot be conducted via virtual classrooms and other forms of e-learning with clear justifications. TPs should also describe their current and planned efforts to convert other courses to e-learning. On-site manpower needs to support in-person training delivery should also be stated to expedite processing.

Updates on conversion of approved courses to synchronous e-learning  

5.    For conduct of e-learning in synchronous mode via virtual classroom, web conferencing or webinar platforms, TPs will have to comply with the e-learning criteria as specified in Annex A (unless otherwise stated by SSG). 

6.    With immediate effect, SSG will waive the requirement for three-year retention of full recording of all synchronous e-learning sessions. The waiver period will end on 4 May 2020, or the prevailing ‘circuit breaker’ period, whichever is later. 

7.    To facilitate sufficient training capacity for CET in this period, the class size limit for synchronous e-learning classes (i.e. virtual classrooms) will be raised from 25 to 40 learners, with immediate effect. TPs must continue to ensure the required quality in training delivery. 

For strict compliance by Training Providers
8.    TPs are required to strictly comply with national COVID-19 measures and all additional measures stipulated by SSG. Failure to comply with SSG’s directions may be taken as a violation of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations with its attendant penalties. TPs may also be subject to additional SSG actions, e.g. termination of registration status or suspension of SSG funding.

9.    For any clarifications, you may contact SSG’s hotline at 6785 5785 or log a case via the Feedback Portal at

Thank you.

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