[SSG CIRCULAR/QMD/2018/6]: Enhanced feature in SkillsConnect System which allows Training Providers to indicate if courses are for corporate runs only
Updates on the application for SSG course funding for e-learning courses
Common Do's and Don'ts of SkillsConnect Applications and Claims - For Trainees
The following is a list of common Do's and Don'ts of SkillsConnect Applications and Claims for trainees.
For Trainees
  1. Claim for training allowance must be submitted at WSG Careers Connect or e2i centres no later than 120 days after course end date.
  2. Ensure course duration and course fee components declared in the certification slip endorsed by your Training Provider are true and accurate.
  1. Do not provide your personal particulars to anyone for SSG's training grant claim in exchange of indirect kickbacks such as cash rewards, lucky draws, gifts and vouchers.
  2. Do not submit the training grant application and/or claim if you did not attend or did not complete the training. Trainee must sit for and pass all examinations or assessments where applicable if the course leads to certification.
Contact SSG immediately for possible wrongdoing or irregularities regarding SSG approved training organisations, employers, vendors, suppliers, contractors or any other matters. All concerns will be treated sensitively and where possible in the strictest confidence. You may report any irregularities, with supporting documents where possible through the following whistle-blowing channels:
  Email : audit@ssg.gov.sg
  Phone : 6512 1106
  Mail : Internal Audit Unit
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