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Apply to be WSQ Approved Training Organisation

A.     Name of e-Service

Apply to be WSQ Approved Training Organisation

B.     A brief description of the e-Service

For organisation to apply to become a WSQ Approved Training Organisation and to offer WSQ courses.

C.     Pre-requisites for the successful completion of the e-service 

For first time users applying for a profile in SkillsConnect, it is a requirement
 a) for the applicant acting on behalf of the applying organisation to possess a SingPass ID or FIN number to access the SkillsConnect system.
 If not, to enquire about SingPass issue, applicant should visit
 In addition, the applicant must be authorised by the applying organisation to transact on behalf of the organisation.
 To do so, organisation must authorise applicant to act for the organisation matters by registering him with IRAS e-Services Authorisation System (EASY).
 Please refer to User Guide 'Sign Up for SkillsConnect e-Service under EASY' and visit to do so.
 b) for applying organisation to be incorporated in Singapore with business type and registration number under ROC/ROB/UEN.
 Visit and to find out more about ROB/ROC/UEN and the registration type to facilitate the input of accurate information when applying for an account in the SkillsConnect system.
 c) for applying organisation to maintain a valid Giro account and input the information and the finance officer¡¯s name in the SkillsConnect system. If not, please apply for a Giro account with the bank.

 Please also have the following mandatory documents to be uploaded ready before you register:
  (i) Instant bizfile documents from ACRA
  (ii) Registration of relevant bodies (eg. CPE, ACRA)
  (iii) Write-up of organisation profile (include national awards or certifications the organisation has attained)
  (iv) Organisation chart and job descriptions depicting the roles and responsibilities of staff responsible for ATO functions
  (v) Certificates/declarations/CVs to show adult educators are ACTA trained or equivalent, have relevant technical qualification and working experience
  (vi) Most recent 3-years financial statements and/or other records to justify business continuity (Only applicable for public/public & in-house ATOs)
  (vii) Organisation chart and write-up on job description/s depicting staff-in-charge of accounting and financial matters (Only applicable for public/public & in-house ATOs)
  (viii) Write-up and photos of physical facilities and infrastructure for training delivery and/or assessment (Only applicable for public/public & in-house ATOs)
  (ix) Write-up and/or workflow to show established systems and capabilities to support fulfillment of the roles and responsibilities of an ATO* (Only applicable for public/public & in-house ATOs)

  *You may like to refer to for full details of the roles and responsibilities

  A valid Credit/Debit Card/internet banking for on-line payment.

D.     Estimated time of completing the e-Service

25 minutes

E.    Maximum file size and acceptable file types, where file submission is required

File size: Should not exceed 5MB
File type: PDF or Winzip

F.    Estimated processing time, where offline processing is required

20 working days upon receipt of all supporting documents

Do note that omission of required documents from the organisation accreditation application and/or incomplete course details or required documents may result in the application being rejected.



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