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Apply for Training Grants

A.    Name of e-Service   

Apply for Training Grants

B.    A brief description of the e-Service 

For companies applying for training grants when they send their employees to attend courses approved by SSG for funding.

C.    Pre-requisites for the successful completion of the e-service

The following information is needed when submitting a training grant application:

a)    Training organisation name
b)    Course title
c)    Course start and end dates
d)    Course duration components
e)    Course fee components
f)    Trainee details (name, NRIC, citizenship, date of birth, education qualification, monthly basic salary, hours worked per week (where applicable), etc)

D.    Estimated time of completing the e-Service   

10 minutes

E.    Maximum file size and acceptable file types, where file submission is required   

File size: Should not exceed 5MB.
File type: PDF or Winzip

F.    Estimated processing time, where offline processing is required   




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